Friday, February 29, 2008



Somedays he drives me absolutely insane.

Somedays I ponder to myself if at night he dreams of ways to turn our world upside down.

Somedays I think he has more time outs then either of his brothers.

Somedays he is the one who scares the poop out me for just being a boy.

Somedays he reminds me of how his father was when he was young, a terror :-)

Izeah is the kid who learned to walk at 9 months old, run at 12 months, and climbed from his crib at 15 month.

Izeah has a fetish for scissors; he'll cut his own hair, his clothes, and lastly, paper.

Izeah likes to color on his walls, clothes, and face with permanent markers.

Izeah walks in front of speed bikers on the bike path and get run over and drug 15 feet, gives me a heart attack, and then walks away.

Izeah likes to pee in places you don't find until later (the vent in his room, his brother's dresser drawers, his closet, etc.)
Izeah figures out child proof bottles and drinks a bottle of tylenol cause it tastes good.

Izeah cuts up my tax documents right at tax season.

("Mom, I painted my nails!")

And then I come home at 10:30 last night and Izeah's first temp reading was 107 degrees.... I checked it over and over again and it was at a final resting place of 105.8 degrees. Izeah got Tylenol and him and I stripped naked and took a very long luke warm shower together. Izeah layed naked next to me and John in bed for over an hour as I debated giving him more Motrin (since it was only 5 hours from his last dose). I finally gave it to him early and kept him naked for awhile longer and only began to breath again when I got a reading of 102.6 degrees......

Izeah, I am thankful for you everyday of my life and wouldn't trade you for the world.

Izeah, I am thankful that you challenge me everyday to be a better parent, or at least try to understand you.

Izeah, I am thankful for your big blue eyes and mischievous grin.

Izeah, I am thankful that you don't make it easy to be a mommy, you make it interesting and fun.

Izeah, I am thankful for your boyish curiosity and desire to learn, even if it's the hard way.

Izeah, I love you with more then my soul and body combined.


Anonymous said...

Izeah is definetly your loving challenge as a mother! Kiss and Hug him for me! I'm happy to hear his fever is down.

3 moons and the sea said...

How scary! Glad he is feeling better.