Friday, March 21, 2008

List update!!

So if i seem a bit distracted..... the kitchen is underway!!! I know this sounds silly but MAN do i hate a mess.... even though i know it'll be worth it in the end.... but keeping kids out of the house everyday so they have minimal dust inhilation is very difficult at times!!
So here are some pics of the huge kitchen remodel.... it's also the correcting of structural damage on my list :-)

Say good bye to the OLD KITCHEN!!!


Tearing down is the messiest!


This is the new support beam to fix the structural damage..... See my new recessed lights? Mommy will have light to cook!!!

New window #1... now I can watch the kids playing in the back yard :-) Oh yeah, and that's Joe with his THUMB.... he sliced it yesterday and I got to practice my wonderful nursing skills again :-)

New window #2.... the old one was cracked and would barely open.... I can't express how nice it is to open this baby and have some FRESH AIR!!!!

THis is new window #3. Kind of unorthodoxed but very useful. I have no way to the dining room and living room where the kids play while I'm fixing meals except by way of walking all the way around the foyer.... now I can just peek my eyes through this window and see everything !! Kinda like a drive up window at a restaurant..... John actually taught the kids already how to go to it and yell through, "I'll take a large french fry with that mom!" (Funny..... but not really8-)


Anonymous said...

Wow! Gonna look nice!

3 moons and the sea said...

wow! see, this makes me want to buy a house so we can fix it up the way *we* want it. Cant wait to see what it looks like :)