Saturday, April 26, 2008

Where did I go?

I got lost! I got lost in the sea of all the things that "need" to get done.... and I think I've found myself again and I'm tired of being so dang busy! I have managed to work on quite a few of the things on my list though and that is a nice feeling but it's funny how nature has a way of slowing us down......

Hence the current problem.


Yep, I said it out loud, POOP. That is the problem :-) It has become an all consuming topic between me and John lately. (seriously, we sound so sexy when we talk about our gut problems....) It started with Zak, then to me, then Zane and John on the same day, and has finally struck Izeah. Some of us are less sick (Zane and I only had the "bottom" end of the ordeal while John, Zak, and Izeah had fevers, tummy issues, "bottom" issues, and headaches) but it has been a very long 8 days around here!

And it has been so continual that I have actually had some revelations!

One..... You know when you are "poop" shy around your partner the first year or so together? Well maybe some people aren't but I am..... well mix it with frequency of every hour and all those shy feelings go right out the window.... at least I know we really love each other :-)

Two..... One toilet is barely sufficient enough for 4 people (zane is in diapers thank god) who have to use it every hour, MORNING AND NIGHT! However, it can be done with practice.

Three..... No matter how tired you are, your guts seem like they never sleep.

Four.... It amazes me what kind of noises can come from our bodies. Not per say mine alone but my little kiddos. I about died laughing with Izeah sittin' on the pot last night!

Five.... As I said before, nature has a funny way of telling us to slow down. My to do list will just have to wait a few days because we all need some good resting time around here!

Six.... I probably would have not posted something about this before and some people may find it gross but after 8 days.... I decided I really didn't care! It feels great to air out my head (the bathroom will come later) :-)

Seven.... I know this should be common sense and everyday practice but hand washing is SOOOO important! We are usually really good around here but I suppose somewhere along the way I missed some with the little ones (of course that is easily done) and wow, look what it did to us!

Eight.... We love kissing on the lips around here but sometimes it needs to be put on hold for a few days, foreheads and cheeks are a great substitute :-)

Nine.... I've never really thought "anti-diarrheals" were a good thing to take. i always believed that if your gut has a bug, you want it out and the faster the better but after John took some last night and expressed the totally sublime feeling of not having to go every hour and just relax, I've relaxed my belief a bit.

And Ten.... I love my family so much.... poopy butts and all :-)

So any way, I have had some time to think about a new blog post but it'll have to wait until I have the time to sit and articulate exactly what I wanted to put into words because my mind is in the toilet right now (actually, not in it, but on it! :-)


3 moons and the sea said...

sorry about the poop issues! We've been dealing with a ear infection and teething here. Sorry I didn't return your call.... I hear ya on the being so dang busy. anyway I will have to get a hold of you later.

ChiTown Girl said...

So sorry you guys are suffering over there. And, I think the "poop" posts are hilarious! Check out my friend's blog. Her posts are about poop an awful lot of the time!

johndengler said...

I'm dying here!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope today is a new and better day for all of you. Hope you all are feeling better today!!! Time is the best healer and this 'poopy bug' will leave you all and then you all will need to rest today!!! Take care of yourself and everyone around you!! :-)