Friday, October 3, 2008


I SOLD MY CAR!!!!!!!!!!

*mental image if you will..... Me sitting at my computer desk for four hours number crunching our budgets.... 3 cups of "john strong" coffee..... bouncing on my ball I call a chair.... hell my fingers can't even keep up with my thoughts right now, thank you caffeine..... and then she calls.... now imagine all that caffeine in surge force..... doin' a happy dance!!!!!*

I love you! Thank you for buying my car! I'm sure you'll read this later tonight ;-)


ChiTown Girl said...

YAY!!! Um, you forgot to cross it off on your To Do List!! Now I'm seriously impressed. The list is almost done!!

Anonymous said...

I'm happy too! I'll be saving enuf money in gas a month to make the car payment!!! Thanks much. I always did like my saturn and I'm sure I'll like this one. 30 days and it'll be gone from your yard.

familyonbikes said...

Oh how well I remember that moment!! I had been trying for months to sell our van, and had no takers at all. And then came that call...and a quick test drive...and a check in my hand!! It's a wonderful feeling!!

I just discovered your blog and just wanted to pop in and say - YOU CAN DO IT!!!

We are a family of four who chucked it all a few months ago to ride our bikes from Alaska to Argentina. We've now been on the road for four months and it's been a fantastic experience.

Keep going. Take baby steps. Take more baby steps. It won't be long before you're there!


ChiTown Girl said...

Hey stranger!! Haven't heard from you in a while. Hope all is well out there. OK, now don't kill me, but you've been tagged on my blog, so get over there and check it out!