Sunday, November 2, 2008

ADULT Halloween fun!!

Hey Hey!! Happy Halloween!!!! I know it's late but John and I had a fantastic time this year again...

Last year was this:

The outfit cost a fortune! I think I spent over $100 on this one alone (and I went out 2 nights so I had a different one for the next night... RIDICULOUS I know...)
This year it was Good Will and Salvation Army all the way!!!
Remember this thing on a prior post???

Well.... here's me "practicing" to be a seamstress... And yes, I still haven't learned how to use the sewing machine yet so i did it all by hand...

I LOOK like I know EXACTLY what I'm doing.....

* I accidentally cut my dress too short... Ooops! I forgot that I had a butt and therefore when I would bend over... yeah... SOOOO I added a little "butt cape" in the back to cover the goods :-)

* I poked myself a couple of times :-(

* Uhhh... yeah, I also have these things called breasts... apparently I forgot this too when I was sewing away and when I tried the thing on for the final wear... the zipper kept ripping open!!! So... by the end of getting ready, John had SEWN me into my dress (kinda like zip a little, sew a little, zip a little, sew a little....)

Over all though, I think we did an awesome job! Here's some of the final pics... both of these outfits for UNDER $40!! It was GREAT going out and seeing all the store bought outfits this year and knowing I paid so much less and I think our outfits rocked!!

Killer 'STASH!!!!

***Lesson from the last 3 pics... DON'T DRINK BEER AND PLAY WITH THE CAMERA WHEN YOU GET HOME!!!****

Yeah... we can be REALLYdumb at times!!!
Hope everyone else had a great Halloween!


A Twinkling In Time said...

Looks like you were having SOME fun!
Did the little guys have a fun and safe evening?

Anonymous said...

Woe...............! :) Looks like you two had fun!! Where's my boys pictures? Did they get lots of candy? Send me some pics of them!! Glad you had fun!!

three moons said...

umm..... I don't even know what to say, other than ROFLMAO!!!

You would think by our age we would know this simple little formula:

Cameras + alcohol= baaaaaaaaaad!

=-D Too funny guys!

Jerry Critter said...

Great pics! Enter your own "inappropriate comment" here!

ChiTown Girl said... guys look like you had a blast!!

Jack said...

HOT, HOT, HOT! Looks like my own Halloween, minus all the chest hair....


three moons said...

I had to come back and check on the zipper thing :-) Zipper undone, lol. I think I'm gonna book mark this page in case I ever need a cheering up. Or a pee your pants laugh.

YanniFan said...

i know it's a week after Hween, but you really look the part!so, what was your alias??? huggy bear????? and dana, love the dress; reminds me of a pant suit i made 30 some odd years ago! LOL

georgie mama

LiLu said...

Oh my lord, this is PRICELESS!!!! I love the last two pics!