Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just call me The RepairWOMAN!

John and I are headin' for Chi Town again this weekend to take in Ghostland Observatory, the SOFA Expo, and to visit with my dear friends Dave and Lisa :-)

And in prep for this trip, as usual, I clean the house before we go anywhere... until this time...

THE F*$@!@# Vacuum cleaner is BROKE!!!!!!

Ok, not the end of the world but it once again leads me to the whole "screw this, I am not buying another one, I am going to work on this damn thing until it WORKS AGAIN" mood that lately I have been in... a whole DIY thing...


IT'S WORKING AGAIN!!!!!!!! Yay for me!! Who knew I could fix a vacuum? (If you need my help... I do charge by the hour.... )

Totally pointless post but I had to pat myself on the back a bit cause I was all by myself today and no one else got to witness this dusty fiasco :-)


three moons said...

Isnt it a great feeling to fix it yourself?

we're getting ready to take off for the weekend too- just sat down to look at our bank account(barf)and noticed you updated your blog. Dress warm, its gonna be cold this weekend!

btw, we haven't forgot the fish. well, actually, yes we did. How about we come by next week and pick them up. Oh, I need my knitting book too. I'm ready to start trying some new stuff. Maybe we could meet for coffee and knitting EARLY in the day- and this time really drink coffee and knit!

have a fun time!

Miles To Go Before I Sleep...... said...

Hey Nina :-)

Anytime next week is just fine... I work on friday and that's it. Monday we'll be just getting back into town but we'll be here early afternoon hopefully!

Have fun where ever you're going!

Drinking coffee and knitting??? Oh, I SUPPOSE :-) (you mean like we were supposed to the first time??? that was a little beer over kill the other night!)

ChiTown Girl said...

I'm SOOOOO excited about you guys coming to visit this weekend!!!

I'll have my vacuum ready for your to fix when you get here, ya know, now that you've got experience ;-)