Thursday, December 10, 2009


So I will write a blog instead because they have heard enough of my yelling today I'm sure of it.
I love my children but MAN..... they have done lost their F*in' minds lately!
Don't believe me? Let me share some exhibits:
A. Zane and Izeah where playing sword fight in the dining room with vacuum cleaner attachments (even though we have told them a thousand times to not do this) and they cracked our flat screen computer monitor.
B. They thought it would be funny to tear down the shower curtain at shower time. I managed to rig it back up until I could get a new one and what did they do? They SNUCK OUT OF BED to RIP IT DOWN AGAIN.
C. Izeah and Zane have both cut, torn and ripped the strings out of their window blinds.
D. Zak straight up ripped a book IN HALF!
E. I try to give them art supplies to play with and what did they do? They colored on the couch, the dining room table, and the walls.
I'm sure there's more over the last couple of months but these are some pretty big ones.
And I KNOW that boys will be boys, and kids will be kids.... but there HAS to be a limit SOMEWHERE.
And that limit finally has hit the fan as of today.
Mommy and Johnny are DONE. For our own sanity and for the health of our children, we are done being Mr. and Mrs. Nice Guy.
Sooooooo.... we have a small game plan.
On Saturday morning, we are taking all 3 boys to the bank. We are going to tell them that they can each take $10 out of savings because we are going to the store... (they'll think they get to buy toys) BUT when we get there.... Izeah will buy a new set of window blinds... Zane will buy a new set of window blinds.... and Zakari will buy a set of hangers for all the one's he thinks it's funny to break in half to get his clothes off of them. Then with the extra money, we are going to buy some poster boards and make personal little "rule posters" for each of their rooms.
These rules are going to fall under 3 categories.... (thanks Nina!)
1. Respect Yourself.
2. Respect Others.
3. Respect Your Environment. (and this includes all material things... like no peeing on the floor around the toilet cause you feel like it, or no breaking hangers, no ripping up coloring books because it's fun, etc.)
Think it'll work???
Anyone else have big moments like these? Where it just frustrates you to the point of exhaustion???
Wish us luck! :)


Jerry Critter said...

Has this activity increased since you got married?

Anonymous said...

you crack me up....okay MY boy wrote with a Sharpie on the basement FLOOR...tell me what was the point? and...(remember he's my 'smart' boy) he wrote his NAME!!! He also wrote his name on the walls and tried to say that Sami did it....he was bouncing his ball as HIGH as he could and broke the flourescent (sp?) light into a MILLION pieces. Be glad you have boys...girls are mean, whiney and hold a grudge FOREVER!!! Beth

Miles To Go Before I Sleep...... said...

It started to increase while we were planning the wedding.. so before the honeymoon we dedicated ALL our time to them and it improved *some* but not much... I've thought about that a lot wondering if it may be part of the reason... but I know that John is just as involved with them as I am, and treats them as just as their biological father would have so I'm stumped... again :)

Hahaha... all that at the age of TWELVE???

Jerry Critter said...

Kids reasoning isn't always logical to us. They interpret things according to their level of understanding and their perception of the world. They have lost their father. They may now see John as taking you away as well. They are acting out to be sure that you still care even though you are highly involved with them.

Mona Vara said...

So go ahead and scream and then just remember to count your blessings. You're so blessed & LOVED!