Saturday, December 15, 2007

Very important lessons...

So this morning I over slept by about an hour..... I could hear Izeah and Zane playing in Zane's bedroom and wasn't bothered too much by their "sounds" of play. Or so I thought :) Well after I went into Zane's room, I had some very important lesson's in life reinforced:
1. NEVER over sleep!
2. Boys will be boys :-)
3. You can make a funny looking "applesauce" by slowly chipping away at an apple with a spoon......

The room..... DESTROYED!! In the crib: every blanket, stuffed animal, apples, spoons, the broom, the dust pan, and Zane.... Izeah wanted him to be comfy I guess :)

"But mom..... I made applesauce.... or apple pieces.... or something....."

And if I hide--- she won't find me!!!! (yeah.... right....)

But if you put all the apple pieces from the floor into a bowl it would probably be a great chunky fresh applesauce :)



John said...

Lesson Learned: If you hear footsteps going back and forth sneakily, get out of bed! Got it.

3 moons and the sea said...

omg! lol. yeah, we had a similar experience yesterday that involved raisins,toothbrushes, the toilet, a whole roll of toilet paper, a certain toddler, and the plunger :) that kind of 'good morning' works better than coffee :)

Becky @ Boys Rule My Life said...

These things can make one go crazy!!! It is so much better to find the humor in kids! Cute little story!