Saturday, January 5, 2008

Favorite kind of snow!!

So I love it when it snows, BUT my favorite time is when it warms up so the snow starts to melt and it's PACKING SNOW!!!!!
That means: snowman, snow forts and snowball fights.... and best of all, no FROST BITE!!!!!

Here's some pics from our day in the snow :-) After I threw my back out lifting snowman (he's taller then me), John hurt his chest muscles, and we were soaking wet.... I would still call it a good day :-)

Rolling the base......


Zaney lovin' the snow

Izeah..... king for the moment :-)


Zak workin' on the mouth

Final adjustments

And finally..... Mr. Snowman


Cody said...

I miss seeing you late at night after making munchie runs to the gas station.

Nina said...

it looks like Zak got ran over by a snowman! Our snow people disappeared into the ground today. trying to explain this to a toddler isn't the easiest thing. she seems to be slightly creeped out that there is only a carrot and a few sticks were the snow woman use to be.