Wednesday, January 9, 2008


We had an exhausting day yesterday and John and I both passed out on the couch around 9PM (highly unusual for both of us!). When we came to I had this incredible urge for something cold and sweet and suddenly I remembered..... I had popsicles in the freezer!!!!!

So I purposefully marched my butt to that freezer half asleep and grabbed a Lime popsicle.... I staggered upstairs, layed down in bed and proceeded to eat that popsicle.... and I HAVE to share how wonderful and tasty that popsicle was!! It was like heaven in my mouth!! I sometimes forget how great they are and get irritated when the kids are screaming at me, "I WANT A POPSICLE MOM!!!!". Now I get it though.... I was so "grown up" that I forgot how something as simple and little as a popsicle can make you smile :-) I know this sounds silly but seriously, it's catching!! John was staring at my popsicle as I finished it and suddenly HE jumped up.... Asking where he was going and I got a, "I'M going to get a popsicle too!". So he marched right down and came back with a Mango one for me, and a Strawberry and Wildberry one for him.... We layed in bed slurpping on those delicious treats, playing and giggling like little kids until they were all gone :-)

What a perfect ending to a long, tiring, and adult day :-)

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