Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I think I ruffled feathers....

So I was commenting on another blog friends latest post.... (

And I wrote a little something like this....

"You are intelligent enough to know when the hell to fix your life and not succumb to mainstream america's way of thinking (as in man = education = job = wife = children = work = retire = BORING)"

With in about a few hours time I received an email and a comment back (not even on my own blog but his):

"= some of us have families that we love and commitments that we must pay for, even though you may call it boring. This is not a Mainstream America cultural way of thinking, the whole world and all of its' cultures have people that work, be it hunt and gather, go to office jobs, grow their own food, in order for them to provide for their families. This is does not = BORING. This = LIFE"

WELL....... To start with, that is my opinion of how I feel my parents (and I'm sure other's out there, their parents as well) raised me to think..... That there is a path in life that is followed and veering off that path is... well lets see, what have I been called..... stupid, too independent, making the wrong choices, lazy, selfish, incompetent, and I'm sure there's more but that's all I can recall in the last few years or so. (Mom, Dad I know you don't think this way now :-)

Also to note, I too have a family I love and commitments I must pay for.
And I do. I know THIS is called life. No matter how we provide for our children or pay our bills.... I completely understand that this is life, and I am living it. I suppose you could say I just choose to do so off the beaten path...... Life in itself is not boring.... living a life that makes us unhappy is boring. Let's look at mine for a minute... hope it's not too confusing :-):

woman = education = child = more education = job = child = child = husband = crazy part = no job = travel = job = job = travel more = husband again? = new job? = retire traveling?

I find following this path is more exciting and keeps me on my toes... most of it happened by chance of course but as I've told John over and over again, I like my life all complicated like that :-) If it gets boring or starts to follow a pattern, I like to throw it up in the air and see where the pieces fall..... Call me selfish or lazy or anything else.... I'm living a life I want to right now and still figuring out where I want it to go.....
Your right, It's not boring, it's life...... and I love being blessed enough to spend my time with them. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to thank someone else for allowing me to live the way I live.... he's the whole reason I'm lucky enough to not have to go to work everyday, and follow the beaten path.....


Jack said...

Ouch! I'm so sorry this happened on my blog. I actually already responded to "Anonymous" before I realized he had emailed you as well. Woa... But hey, almost everyone else knows what you meant and I appreciate the sentiment because I feel exactly the same.

Best thing you can do is to keep right on commenting and blogging. Reading your blog keeps me happy at work every day.

Take care,


Miles To Go Before I Sleep...... said...

It's all good :-) I was probably "bloggy" today cause I was trying to avoid the cleaning of my house I had to do! The email was actually from someone else but I'm glad you got the point :-) I liked your response on your blog as well :-)

Keep reading cause I won't stop blogging anytime soon :-)

Anonymous said...

Your blogging is a glimpse of time I get to peak into your life and I love it!!! :)