Friday, August 8, 2008

My Little Men...

When I was pregnant with all three of my little guys.... I'll admit it, I REALLY wanted a girl! And e-v-e-r-y s-i-n-g-l-e t-i-m-e, I saw that there was a penis on the ultrasound.... By the time little Zane flashed his little penis at me, I was almost expecting it....

But as soon as each one was born, i loved them no matter what sex they were and everyday since I have been happy to say, "I have three boys."

I've learned to appreciate every little piece of the "boy" in them....

I love it when they look up to John and try to follow in another man's footsteps.... they have done so with out gender prompting from myself.... it just happened naturally :-)

John and Zane "mowing" the lawn :-)

I love seeing all their facial expressions..... little drama kings at time!!!

I love having three "momma's boys"..... yeah, at times it can be stressful..... but I love being the one that can kiss away the boo boo, hug away the tears, and I get to hear little Zane singing my name upon waking in the morning.... (Kinda goes like this, "mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, how I onder ere ou are" think Twinkle Twinkle Little Star sounding :-)

I love that I can cut their hair at home with just clippers! And they let me do crazy things to their hair when I want and when they want :-)

Izeah bout a year ago.....

Zak last night :-)

I find it amazing how DIRTY they can get!! All summer the boys have dirt in their finger and toenails and I have tried and tried to get it out and I just CAN'T!! Showers everyday, sometimes twice a day! Izeah has even taking lately to playing in the garden with worms... he finds them, puts them in a bucket, gives em some dirt, and tells them to go "night, night"......

I love their general curiosity.... they are into EVERYTHING!!!! I can't take my eyes off of them for more then a second and someone has destoyed something or spilled something! Yet they never have hurt themselves... they just love anything that is "not yours, it's MOMMY'S"

I love watching Izeah and Zane run around naked at camp, screaming the word NAKED as loud as they can to whoever looks at them :-)

(Pre- naked here....)

I love that they pee on trees and plants and tell me, "mommy, the flowers are THIRSTY!"

I love that no matter how bad I think my laundry is.... it's pants and shirts. That's it.... sooooo not complicated dressing my little men.
I don't know why I had these thoughts today. Maybe cause I was looking through old pictures, or it was hearing Zane's sweet sweet song and then when I looked at him he popped up and said, "MOM! I pooped! Only use 1 wipe!". Maybe it's just spending more time with them this summer then I did last summer that makes me appreciate all their boyish charm all the more :-)

I have another part too though.... I now get to help raise a girl :-) So after everything I know about little boys.... now I get to remember what it was like to be a little girl :-)

I get to take her to die her hair purple!!

And do CRAZY sleepovers :-)


ChiTown Girl said...

I've always (and I mean ALWAYS) imagined that I would have 3 boys. Always. I never saw it any other way. Obviously, that hasn't happened. Or maybe it hasn't happened yet. Who knows....

3 moons and the sea said...

sweet pictures.

Sometimes I think that we may want to try for a boy. but really, why? I was given exactly what I need. and you know what? I dress them in boy clothes A LOT!! with Belle I did the whole pink dress thing but now? eh.

I didnt want to know what sex Jorie was because it didnt matter. she was my baby, a sweet soul, that was sent to me. There are true biological differences between the sexes (duh right? lol) but a lot of it is cultural programming.

I thought it was cute that zane got kitchen stuff for his birthday. like men don't like to cook? little boys dont like to copy their parents making dinner? little boys shouldn't play with dolls? are they not going to nurture their children in the future?

some of that stuff just drives me crazy.

Well, I'm just talking out loud...feeling chatty, lol.

we've been out of range for awhile and I am hopped up on caffeine. so blah, blah blah.

my phone is dead and Rik dropped his in a swimming pool a month I cant call right now.

what did you guys decide for your trip? we'd love to see ya, but Northern CA would be a long drive.

Miles To Go Before I Sleep...... said...

Lisa-- you still have time :-)

Nina-- I loved getting Zane kitchen stuff!! It's the most played with toy in the dining room! And I got Abby a Barbie for her birthday and couldn't give it to her cause Izeah took it out of the box and now it's "his doll" :-)

That sucks about the phones! Least you still have the internet to communicate with....

We are meeting with Sarah and Mike tomorrow so I'll keep ya posted. I trip planned it to Redding, CA and it's a two day drive (with about 6 hours of sleep/break). We've been looking at flights and weighing the options....

I'll leave you a comment on sunday when I know more...

Hope you guys are having FUN!!!

BTW, think you know anyone who would perform wedding vows on short notice?

3 moons and the sea said...

Wedding vows....short notice?



ok. just kidding.

You might call the unitarian church, pastor Rev. Butts (not the guy who did ours) is really, really cool. and you know, unitarians dont mind people who have been living in sin, lol. He might do it on short notice. You will really like pastor butts.

I really want details on this one.

btw, its so cool that you have a girl now. I think you would be a cool step mom ;-)

Miles To Go Before I Sleep...... said...


we talked about this ;-)

me have talked about getting married but we wanted to do it on a beach, and then have a reception back home when we have the time and money to afford it (as in when the stock market fixes itself... which may be a few years)

It's probably just a dream to come out to the west coast and meet up with you guys and get married... the reality of it happening in under 3 weeks is a lot to think about!!

John expressed his desire to not be married in the unitarian church (he's catholic and love's his religion, kinda thinks if it's done in a unitarian church it would be not so good for him...)

Of course I'm all confused cause I thought catholics wouldn't recognize ANY marriage not done under catholic ceremony... I need to go to the library!! ;-) I'll ask his mom too cause I know she is catholic but his dad isn't, I don't think.... I just know I won't take the classes and convert so we are stuck right now :-)

GIRL.... you need to get a phone back ;-) We have some chattin' to do ;-)


Anonymous said...

LOVE them little boys. Pictures and expression are heartwarming for me!!! Thank you. Of course, I love little girls too!!! You were one once, how well we know. :)
Let me know about your "get away".
Like Zak's new hair cut!!!!

Dad said...

Again your word touch me deeply and see your love make my day that much better. With all my love to my boys, you and your "better" half" :)

Love you all,

YanniFan said...

You don't have to convert to be married in the church. What they recommend is that you both go to marriage preparation classes. You get a sponsor couple to help you through this process. The best thing to do first off would be to talk to a parish priest about the ceremony. Perhaps the on at OLOV would be glad to answer your questions....;-). BTW, you wouldn't need to have a nuptual mass, that is, one with communion, just a nice ceremony with prayers and vows. Sacred Heart is a beautiful church! ;-) When Moose and I got married we had a simple ceremony, but beautiful. You should look at our wedding pics some day!!! ;-)