Thursday, August 28, 2008

I'm still alive :-)

I know I haven't written a blog in awhile and I also know I have a lot of "follow ups" to do and I'm getting around to it....

But I have to share my latest revelation.

Tuesday night, neither John nor I felt like cooking so we headed out to eat with the three boys. You know, every once in awhile I just want a big, fattening, yet delicious cheeseburger so we headed to Red Robin.

The one thing I hate about eating out with the kids though is the cost of kid's food on the menu. I swear, restaurants must make the most money of kid's meals cause it's absolutely ridiculous!!! Mac N' Cheese 4.29, corn dog 3.29, kids burger 4.79. Do you know how many BOXES of mac n' cheese I could have bought with that money????? Least Applebees is great on wed. nights cause all kids eat and get a drink for .99..... now that's a deal!

Ok, side tracked a bit, had to rant....

So we went to Red Robin (and they at least have bottomless mac n' cheese for kids.... thank god!) and I have to share what the kids ate:

Zakari: A whole kids cheeseburger, a side of mandarin oranges, a bite of Zane's corn dog, some of Izeah's mac n' cheese, zane's mandarin oranges, bout 5 of john's huge steak fries, and the rest of my huge burger (bout half the size of his kid's burger)

Izeah: two whole bowls of mac n' cheese, a side of mandarin oranges, a bite of corn dog, and a fry

Zane: a whole bowl of mac n' cheese, almost all his corn dog nugget, some mandarin oranges, and his milk.

Holy CRAP. John and I both looked at each other and figured out we would have to get two jobs each just to FEED the hungry little animals by the time they hit high school!

Seriously, I was hoping they wouldn't need a puke bucket on the way home....

And when we got home.... they still wanted a friggin' POPSICLE!

In conclusion.....

I heart Aldi's. Thank God I live semi-ghetto..... I have a variety of great low price places to shop at... least I don't wince at the grocery bill anymore :-)


ChiTown Girl said...

Holy Moly, those boys can eat!!! there something you forgot to update us maybe a last-minute wedding or something.... ;-)

How's your thumb?

YanniFan said...

Does "I heart Aldi's" mean you love it or did you mean you "hate" aldi's? It's a great place to shop for canned goods. Their pasta's are cheaper too. So are their store brands, when you can find them. Hey, I might go there myself again after spending 60 dollars on almost NOTHING at Hy-Vee!!

Anonymous said...

Good little eaters they are!! Musta been hungry the other night. Little humans are like that ya know, some days they won't eat a dang thing and then others they like to eat you out of house and home!!! Kiss and hug them little eaters from me!! :)