Friday, August 29, 2008

The DREADED basement!

I've been talking about this for awhile and I finally took the after pictures of the HORRIBLE basement and attic.....

In case anyone forgot....

Let me describe exactly how the cleaning took place....

*John sweating so much he rung out his bandana on his head*

*Dana actually wore a bandana-- as protection from spiders!*

*conversations such as.... "Eat a dick John".... "Go F$%! yourself Dana"..... big drinks of beer.... no talking for 45 minutes, just cleaning..... and sweating*

*stairs..... lots of them. up and down and up and down and up and down and up..... you get the picture*

*Dana: "John, are you really sure I have to scrub ALL the mold with bleach?"......... John: "Duh."*

*One hell of a write off for Salvation Army donations next year*

*One big ass dumpster*

*We got to kick the shit out of an old wooden dresser to break it down..... GOD that felt GOOD!*
*WAIT! I see a FLOOR!!!!!*

*Sex????? What the hell is that? I just sweat like a freakin' pig and I'm covered in dirt and mold..... yeah, that's so hot......*
*"What time is it????"..........."Time for more beer."*

*6 days later...... AMEN BROTHER, IT'S DONE!*

I labeled all the tubs in the above pictures too....We even got spunky and cleaned out the attic and John made himself a closet (which I have already invaded..... sorry babe!)

I'm done being a pack rat. I will never, I mean NEVER let that happen again. If I do..... I have a feeling that John will do this to me.... and he hung it up on the light so i will remember :-)

Of course.... I would be the ASS hanging from the NOOSE..... ;-)


YanniFan said...

that was so funny! you two could start an new business: HAVE BASEMENT WILL CLEAN IT! or BASEMENT BUSTERS or J and D's BASEMENT BRIGADE............or.........."No mess too big, no pile too high!"

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe my many times I have taken my life in my hands and made my way down those rickety steps to that God forsaken basement....sorry Dana, but I just had to let it out.

I am so proud of you ..... I too did not know there was a floor underneath all that "stuff".

You go girl .... I now believe there is nothing you cant do .. lol

I will go in the basement cleaning business with cant be the only one who has a basement that looks like yours used to.

Together we could "clean up" !! haha

love, grandma donna

3 moons said...

oh man dana- wow. I would've been cussing too.

Anonymous said...

That's one reason why I DON'T have a Basement now! :)
Looks good after all those sweat and tears. Good job guys!

ChiTown Girl said...

Holy cow!! Congrats, you guys! That's one hell of a HUGE job. I know it must feel great to have accomplished such a tremendous task. I think you should celebrate with a relaxing weekend in Chitown...haha!

Jerry Critter said...

Your basement looks like my garage -- unfortunately the before pictures, not the after pictures!

Do you hire out? I will even pay for travel and all the beer you can drink. Well, maybe not the beer...