Tuesday, September 23, 2008


K. I've got a few things to get off my chest.

I think I've mentioned before that I don't really live in the "best" area of town here. I'm not saying I don't like it but I'll admit it.... Semi-Ghetto is one of the best ways to describe it and that's using the words loosely.

On the other hand I'm not scared or afraid to live here either. I like my house (aka the Money Pit) and I like my neighbors (the good ones....) and I enjoy not living in the world of upper middle class... most of them are just ignorant, sanctimonious, judging assholes.... OOPS. Sorry that came out....

BACK to my neighborhood. There are certain things I can deal with and certain things I CAN'T STAND. I can deal with the crack heads/drunks walking down the street at 2 AM, they are for the most part harmless and amusing. I can deal with the ignorant persons who attempt to rob the liquor store down the street, just stay the hell down the street and I'm fine. I can even deal with the house on my left which is efficiency apartments that help people "get back on their feet". There have been enough nice neighbors to rule out the bad ones... and the bad ones I usually just give a "don't fuck with me attitude" and life is peachy :-) I can EVEN deal with people bumming around asking for "bus change"..... I'm not dumb... it's not bus change asshole... but u apparently need the dollar more then me.... Hell, I don't even mind when the neighborhood drunk passed out on my picnic table.... even though we had to wake him up, he left quietly.....

Now what I can't stand is people who feel it necessary to come to my BACK FUCKING DOOR/YARD. Like the numerous times I have had to chase kids out of MY BACKYARD playing on the swingset I have for MY KIDS. And the one time I had a crackhead come to MY BACK DOOR at 1:15AM giving me some lame ass story bout a girlfriend in labor in his car which broke down a few blocks away and he was trying to sell this make-up kit to get enough money for gas to take her to the hospital (which is bout 5 blocks away mind you). When I told him to get lost he had the audacity to tell me to sit down and he wanted to talk to the "man of the house". I could have won that fight if Ryan would have let me at 'em!

And this morning is the FINAL reason I'M MAD AS HELL. We save our cans/bottles here and cash them back in. I in turn use the money towards the grocery bill.... well I can't keep them inside (yuck) so we keep them up against the back of the house in bags, inside one of my tupperwares.... John has caught someone once trying to take a bag and told him to get lost. Well this morning, I went out to see that ANOTHER BAG IS GONE. That just TICKS ME OFF. That someone felt it was their right to come into my back yard and take something that doesn't belong to them..... for money no less! I think that is completely RUDE and an INVASION of my property, not to mention THEFT. If it's on the curb, fine, take it. If it's in MY BACK YARD..... GET THE FUCK OUT!

Now, since I just had a complete moment of anger.... I'm going to go on with my day. I'm going to relax and calmly wait until some other asshole tries this stunt again.... and when I catch him/her.... I might need bail money cause I plan on ripping that person a complete NEW ASSHOLE. And if I'm not strong enough.... I'm gonna borrow Wendy. My neighbors Rott who loves me thank god.... and let Wendy at the asshole trespassing on property.

Ok, I feel MUCH better :-) The other thing I have to share is that tomorrow my little Zane is having his tonsils and adenoids removed :-( I always get nervous before one of my kids have surgery. I think it's the whole "ignorance is bliss" adage here. I really wish I didn't know anything about the medical field at times. I would be much better off not knowing the risks and complications of such "normal" procedures. So even though my view of God is slightly mussed, I'm gonna say lots of prayers today and ask for his protection for my little man. I also hope his daddy will be watching over him as well.....

Well.... since I went totally bipolar in this post.... I better go.... and I think I'm gonna lay off the coffee already this morning :-)


-jd said...

Let me at them babe. You know from our recent wrestling/boxing/me kicking your ass/ match that I can beat down! Woo Woo

Or I'll give you a fork and let you get them!

Jack said...

@First, yuo guys are in no way shape or form the only people who live in a 'semi-ghetto' area. I actually bought my townhouse in a 'transitional neighborhood', which basically means that I am still dealing with the very same stuff you guys have to deal with.

It's getting better everyday, for better or worse, mostly because annoying yuppie types like me come in and buy old townhouses and fix them up, kicking out the old residents.

@That 1:15am guy sounds a little scary. You already know this, but do be careful. You never know when someone like that is going to go nuts. BTW, I have a feeling that as much as Ryan can beat down, you aren't going to take any shit either!

@On the cans, that really makes me angry, but I guess the only thing to hope for is that the person who took them needs them more than you do.

@I wish Zane good luck with the surgery and a speedy recovery.

Take care,



A Twinkling In Time said...

I'll be thinking of Zane. Take good care guys...

Miles To Go Before I Sleep...... said...


I can still (try to) kick your butt :-)


I know we aren't the only ones in an area like this.... I guess I'm a yuppie type too cause we bought this house trying to fix it up as well.... "transitional neighborhood" is probably the PC term vs. semi-ghetto :-)

Thank you for the kind words about Zane!

Take care,

Jerry Critter said...

Two big dogs, one a German Shepherd that barks at anything that moves, keeps unwanted people out my backyard.

Maybe you need a doggy door so that Wendy can visit!

-jd said...

The name is John.

ChiTown Girl said...

I'll be sending Zane prayers for a speedy recovery.

I hope you feel better after spewing all this anger. I'd be just as angry, that's for sure! You know what always makes people feel better? A trip to Chicago..... ;-)

Anonymous said...

You know my opinion on where you live. Wish you could get out of there....Live at your Own Risk!!! I be bringing my doggies with me if I have to stay there with the Kiddos again. I feel safe then. Used to be ok with Justin upstairs but he's not even there no more, not that he would wake up anyhow... You need a dog! Wuff, wuff!@!!

Jack said...

Apologies John, I guess I read the post too fast and did not take into account the time line. Either way, i can only take your word for it that you can beat down. :)