Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas projects...

John and I have been trying very hard to get some stuff done before christmas...

Moonsand Box:

We encountered one small problem here... we were going to take the scrap oak and make the sand box but then it dawned on me... the oak box was going to be EXTREMELY heavy. Not very kid friendly to take out and put away when done... so I did end up buying a large tupperware instead. The kind that is flat and long and fits under the bed... it also has wheels which I thought was cool... it can move much more easily!

Zane's Kitchen area:

I was really proud of how this turned out! I think he'll enjoy it! We plan on stocking it with new kitchen toys from santa as well.... that way he'll have some nice new kitchen things to go with his new kitchen storage area :-)

First we took one of John's old bookcases and covered it in spots with contact paper. I then found some cute baskets for it at Target...


I discovered memory wire and it's really neat!! Here are 2 of the bracelets I've made so far....

John's gifts:

John LOVES Shrinky Dink paper! He's made a few rings (which have to be more thick as we found out cause they are fragile), but now he's moved onto necklaces. The shrinky dink material makes a cool charm for a necklace. He's also found some cool pendants at the craft store for making leather necklaces. They look kinda raw at first, really hard to adjust but once you wear them in the shower once, you're good to go... they are much more pliable and easily adjustable to neck size :-)

Gracie Blanket:

I suppose I always knew how to make these blankets but I never really tried... BUT, as I was knitting a blanket for Gracie, I found out that it was going to take a lot more time then I had allowed before christmas, so instead... I headed to the fabric store... and I LOVE the discarded remnant section!!! To make this baby blanket, I found these 2 remnants and paid only 3 bucks!! They fit well together and I personally think its cute!!
For now, I think we earned a small break :-)


ChiTown Girl said...

Man, you two have been as busy as Santa's elves!! Everything looks awesome! Merry Christmas!

YanniFan said...

would zane like an easy bake oven???????? Let me know