Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More DIY...

Lately it's been fun around here! Back at Village Inn again, trying to prep for the holidays, cleaning on the off days, and manning down the daily tasks.... IT'S BEEN FUN!?!?

On a better note, the DIY christmas projects are turning out all right! I've been knitting like a crazy person lately... I'm sure John gets bored watching me but I think I've inspired him :-) He recently told me he would like to learn how to knit (and I think I'm gonna hold him to that!!!) So far I have finished a gift for kayla (I would include a pic but she reads this sometimes), a hat for John (early gift), and am currently working on another scarf for someone and a baby blanket for our little niece Gracie Jean :-) The moonsand playbox will be done soon as well as Zane's kitchen cabinet. Here's another of my hats: (no, they aren't fancy but they keep us warm and look pretty good if I do say so myself!)

Also, John has been on this weird kick lately about doing everything ourselves... as you know we've been running the fire place most nights here and even though he is well capable of starting a fire from nothing, we also like fire starters to make it fast and easy while 3 kids are hovering over you watching! They do sell them in the store but they cost a fortune (those little sticks in a box covered in a chemical that ignites fast and burns for awhile). So John read about making our own firestarters and here's what he came up with:
Little 50z. Dixie cups
Dryer lint
Little pieces of newspaper
Paraffin wax blocks
100% cotton yarn
*for the record, paraffin wax is located in the GROCERY section at wal-mart. I know this only because it took me an hour and 3 sales associates to help me find it*
And here they are! They burn extremely fast and according to John, light the fire very well... He discovered you can even use leftover wax from candles burned in your home for a nice smelling firestarter!

Next up on the DIY list: laundry soap!!! Stay tuned :-)


three moons said...

I love the hat!!

Hey- I'm gonna be making some laundry soap too!

I just finished rainbow tutus for the girls, and I painted a old wood crate for a doll bed. Next I'm gonna make homemade playdoh (I'm saving old butter containers and I'll decorate the tub). I'll pair the playdoh with some cookie cutters and other playdoh tools. Rik is making balls and wooden peg people and I'll probably sew a crayon roll for Belle.

I have been meaning to blog about all this but I'm just feeling too tired. *sigh*

ChiTown Girl said...

John looks adorable in his hat! Love it! The firestarters are brilliant! Man, when you guys commit to something, you really commit. Good for you!

Miss you guys :( Are you coming to ChiTown with the kiddies for the holidays? Let me know!