Saturday, December 13, 2008

Random things...

I've been busy lately but I've had the camera in a few places :-)

One thing I have to share is this amazing house we encountered down at my mom's house. It's a concrete dome house and it looked built into the earth. I really have to do some research about this kind of house but I would love to learn how they are made and if it's possible, could we ever own one? I've always wanted a house built into the earth, for many reasons, but the dome shape was really interesting :-) And a glimpse into a childs mind:

"Kayla, would you like to live in a house like that?"

"Yeah! Casue then i would never get in trouble for playing on the roof!"

And I'm still knitting away.... Here's some of the fun things I've been exploring with! :-) And yes, some of them are presents to people who read this blog but you don't know which ones you're receiving! :-)

This is my pretty in pink hat. It was supposed to be adult size but I've discovered I have a real problem measuring heads and converting it to fabric type....

So instead, here is gorgeous little Jorie modeling the new hat her and Bella will be sharing :-)

Which scarf is yours?

And here's Zane just being cute :-) These are his awesome spywear glasses that he wears while killing Zombies in the house....

Hopefully soon I'll be posting pictures of the moonsand box, it's scheduled for construction this coming wed. night!

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-jd said...

I've started the blue prints for our new dome house, built into the side of a hill, with a big round door just like the hobbits for you. Now we just need to find a hill...and I hear dome houses are great against zombie attacks.