Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Blog...

Hey hey everyone :-)

Just a quick note and a small shove in the direction of our new blog!

If anyone gives a rat's ass about how we plan on throwing together our untraditional wedding then head on over to here....

Yeah, the name is simple and plain but hopefully you'll remember it for further posts. (There's also a link on my blogroll for it as well)

I would LOVE everyone's input and comments please!

The page is also still under construction. I've already gotten all pissed off at the blogskins, blogger templates, not uploading pictures, etc. etc. etc.
LiLu: if your frind that's getting married wants to share ideas, I'll b posting regularly.

Nina and Sarah: When we drink together we have some awesome ideas (and really dumb one's too but we won't mention any of those!)

John: Love you babe... I'm sure you'll be posting there too!

Everyone: COME VISIT!!!!



LiLu said...

Tre' cute... I'll see you there!

three moons said...

yay!! wedding blog!l