Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Tattoo!!

Well... Along with John I got a new tattoo as well! Yay!!! Mine has been a LOOOOONNNNGGG time coming! (even though John may argue, ask him how many he has gotten in comparison with myself in the last 2 years! :-)

So with out further ado....

Whatcha all think? The one picture is a little blurry around the kid's names but it's a tribute to my ability to be a mother and my accomplishment of doing it three times over again.... I think that's a great permanent addition to my body!


LiLu said...

I love it! Especially the colors. Absolutely beautiful, lady.

ChiTown Girl said...

um....OUCH!! Is that YOUR artwork? The "art" is gorgeous, even though I am not much of a tattoo person ;-)

Miles To Go Before I Sleep...... said...

Thank you!

Yes mam, it is my artwork... I've drawn almost everything on my body :-)

three moons said...

ooh......Thats much prettier than I imagined! Nice! I like the hair too :-)

C said...

although i probly wont ever get a tattoo, i always think the art work is just fucking amazing. it's beautiful, and the fact that you created it, makes it all the more special.
congrats, hon.
fucking amazing, i say.

we watch LA/miami ink sometimes and those guys are such gifted artists. they really are, and we enjoy the stories behind the tattoos which makes them even more special.

what do your other ones say?


Miles To Go Before I Sleep...... said...


Thank you! I thought it would be bigger but oh well... I still love it! :-)


Thank you very much :-) I've always loved tattoo... I wasn't raised around them so much as I just really enjoy art I suppose.

Ummm, I have a tribal tramp stamp (my first one), I have a big blue lotus flower on my right calf that I drew, and it says "dark lotus" above it (a ryan tribute, he had "dark lotus" on his wrists) and I have "Miles to go Before I Sleep" real big across my back (as in I have a lot left to do before I die meaning wise).... I'm really ready to do a half sleeve on my right arm and that's my next goal! Just takes me forever cause I am really picky and I try to design my own tattos usually!