Friday, April 3, 2009

This is my life...

Yes, yes, yes.... still here! Just busy...

And yes, I still said that.... even tho a fellow blogger I stalk...errrr read up on... once said that we should NEVER apologize for NOT posting because that just means... *GASP*... we have a life!

Speaking of having a life... it's been hectic lately... and in the spirit of Lilu, this is the shizzzzzz my fiance says to me (sends to me, makes actions at me, etc.)


  • We had an off day yesterday...
  • So today I get an email card from my lova....

  • "Message: I love your boobies!"
  • Dana: You know, I've been gaining weight lately. I think I need to go on a diet....
  • John: If you go on a diet, do you lose weight in your boobs?
  • Dana: Yeah. A little bit, not a lot but some.
  • John: I think your PERFECT just the way you are! (as he reaches for a handful... ;-)
  • John: DANA!!!! Hurry up!! Come in the living room! I have to show you something!!!
  • Dana: JESUS CHRIST! Hold on a sec... I'm coming!
  • John: Thats what she said!!!.................................. No seriously!! Get in here!!!
  • (And as I walk into the living room)
  • John: SO I was playing around with this weather thing on the Wii... and I found this... COCKBURN TOWN!!!
  • Dana: You found Cockburn town?????
  • John: Yeah.... and we're NOT going there on our honeymoon!
(Real place... look it up!)
  • Dana: Honey, I think you've lost more hair since we've been dating....
  • John: Hey Dana, Fuck your mouth.
  • And this one is the kicker:
  • (is that even how you spell it????)
  • I swear, the man says this word like FIFTEEN times a day! :-)
  • Well, thats it for today! I'm sure I've got tons of post I've been wanting to write but I've forgotten most of them by now... they usually come to me when I've had a few beers... I get all excited, then I totally wake up the next morning and forget!
  • Have a great friday everyone!!!! Goin bridesmaid dress shopping tonight! Woot!


-jd said...

That boy toy of yours sounds really dreamy, and hilarious, girl he got it going on. You should keep that one and do that thing with your mouth that you do on him because he's really sweet..and ooh girl, I've seen pictures, body like a Greek God, and hello, looks like there is a baby's arm holding an apple in his pocket.

Miles To Go Before I Sleep...... said...

Shut the front door!

(you'd make a great woman...)

LiLu said...

"Dana: Honey, I think you've lost more hair since we've been dating....
John: Hey Dana, Fuck your mouth."

That sounds SO much like mine... I think they might be one and the same!

ChiTown Girl said...

I was seriously going to call you this weekend because you haven't been around for so long. I was getting worried. PLUS, I'm seriously missing both of your TMI Thursday posts!! Get with it, people! I don't care that you're trying to plan a wedding, I need dirt! Missed you guys! xoxox

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I love those cards, theyre hysterical!

Jerry Critter said...

I know what you mean about drinking and great post ideas. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, they never seem as good in the morning.

Actually, that seems to be a reoccurring theme with drinking. Things, or people, never look as good in the morning after.