Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Well call me Martha....

  • Hey all :)
  • No TMI post for me today.... sorry!
  • BUT....
  • I do have a lot of picutres of what we've been up to around these parts lately!
  • Miss Kayla had a birthday! She is now 12 (scary right?) and we had an awesome cook out for her.... Had some issues with the cake tho... as in I BURNED 48 cupcakes! (Seriously??? I know how to bake! I think my oven is a tad screwy)
  • So even tho me and WalMart are not the best of friends.... they did rescue me with a plain cake the day of her birthday... I did the final icing job and Kayla loved it! (It was her pick for the skull :o)
  • AND.... I LEARNED TO SEW!!!!
  • My friend Sarah and I took a short sewing class and so far I've tackled a few projects :-) My first one was this messenger bag.... I still have to stitch the handles onto the bag but I'm rather proud!
  • Second... I bought this really cool old banana box at a garage sale... circa 1920's-1940's..... but the inside looked like crapola!
  • So I thought about it for a minute....
  • And made a cool liner for it!
  • Now it's my "sewing box" :-) It's large enough to hold all my little sewing projects in and sturdy enough to carry all my stuff from my crafty area to the dining room table where I work :-)
  • Also... it's GARDEN TIME again! Woot! We bought 32 bags of manure compost and finally tilled it into the garden :) The kids were strangely in love with playing in this stuff.... Weird. My kids are just weird. :)
  • We'll be planting this weekend and so far the list includes: 4 types of tomatoes, 3 types of peppers, green beans, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, radishes, cucumber, and zucchini.... I think that's all... I might have missed one but yummo! I'm excited!
  • Lastly.... I captured some adorable pics of Zane last night and had to put them on here.... I kinda love my little red head :)
  • Well... all done for now :) Little side note tho.... John and I had this whole conversation about blogging the other night and how it can be very masturbatory. I also just realized this whole post is that way.... but isn't that the point of blogs? At least a little :) Gotta toot my own horn from time to time or life is boring!
  • Good day everyone!


Anonymous said...

Oooh I miss North American cakes! Lovely photos!

LiLu said...

Ohhhh the gingers! How I love them!

And that "thinking" pic is a classic... don't bust any brain cells! ;-)

ChiTown Girl said...

My new favorite word - masturbatory!!! You two are hilarious!

I'm so totally impressed with you, it's a little scary! First the knitting, now the sewing, SHIT! You ARE Martha!!!

Nina said...

Great pics and I love the banana box. I know exactly what you mean about the blog being 'masturbatory'. I go back and forth with this too. Asking myself "is this the greatest form of narcissism and ego-centrism??" But I've finally concluded, blogging is an outlet, a place where I document what we're doing and its fun to look back..... and read about us. and look at pictures of us. and then read some more stuff about US. :-D

So yeah, I guess it is a little vain. But its also a great way to connect with others too. The blog about the kids is a great way for me to organize all my homeschooling links and a good way for me to keep track of what we are doing, connect with other homeschoolers, and also a great way for family to keep up with us.

and lets be honest, who doesn't masturbate? lol ;-)

I'm just babbling now. But I think our whole culture is somewhat 'self obsessed'. There's blogging, myspace, facebook, twitter.... and we are always texting or on the phone, or talking to someone or talking to ourselves. Or typing really long comments on someones blog about blogging about ourselves.....

lol. we can finish this conversation on the way to see Ben Harper. You know there wont be any moments of silence on that drive!

ButterflysDance said...

I'm reading your blog as I am eating my last frozen stuffed green pepper and fresh aspargus with melted cheese on top. I have no idea where you get this "gardening" idea from.
The sewing....well that's yours. My mother wouldn't let me sew as my sister got her fingers caught in the needle, so that screwed it up for me.
Love you