Sunday, June 7, 2009


  • Yeah.... so this is a "catch up post" :-)
  • It's been all sorts of fun around here lately!
  • First off... we took our trip to Kansas. It was very fast and of course there wasn't time enough in the 2 days to see everyone we wanted to or to do all the things we wanted to but here are some pics of the time we did have...
  • Kids in the car! Not to bad on "roomyness"!
  • Me and my Gracie Jean :)
  • Apparently Izeah LOVES BBQ ribs!
  • Zak, Izeah, and my Uncle Jerry who I haven't seen in oh... 7 years or so?
  • Family shot right before heading out of town!
  • Then.... IZEAH GRADUATED PRESCHOOL!!! It was very exciting for him of course :-) Apparently tho, (and I swear I didn't know this) but he gets very upset when people are watching him.... hence the tears in the 2nd picture :)
  • (I love this pic of him!)
  • Also... if anyone is a garden buff I'm sure you'll understand this one... we had to REPLANT over HALF our garden! That really sucks ass but it should be worth it in a few months :) John talked to a horticulturist about why none of my seeds were coming up and it's just been too cold he said... that's what I was thinking in the first place... I mean, it's JUNE and I'm still wearing a hoodie on a lot of nights!
  • So, some $40 later... it should grow!

  • Lastly (if anyone is still reading this...) I've started my own etsy shop! If anyone cares.... stop on over! Right now I have some vintage items listed... I'll be putting up my hand made knits soon, and I have over 100 more vintage sewing patterns to list as well! (It takes FOR---EV---ER to list stuff!)
  • Well... until next time... ;-)


LiLu said...

Welcome back, my dear!

Suddenly I am very hungry for some ribs... ;-)

ChiTown Girl said...

I've missed you so! Welcome back! I actually thought I saw you Saturday night at Navy Pier (obviously NOT!). I was there with my sister and my brother's girlfriend, and we went to see my friends' band play in the beer garden. I could have sworn it was you dancing, and I seriously moved closer to get a better look, the whole time thinking, "Why that little bitch came to Chicago AGAIN and didn't tell me!!" But, alas, it was not you :( Just some other smokin' hot chick dancing her ass off! Miss you, Cookie!