Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Guess what?

Guess what guys?

I get married in TEN DAYS!!!!!!

I just wanted to take a few minutes to do a few things :)

First and foremost...

I want to tell you all how much of a wonderful, awesome, fantastic, super guy John is :) He is one of those guys you think only exists in a fairytale book... Knows how to sew, cook, clean, and is smart to boot.... I have friends, family and aquaintences that have yet to find a good man... and I've found TWO! Let me be one to testify... they do exist, mostly where you don't expect them to be. Just make sure you open your eyes and let fate lead the way ;)

I am the one he has chosen to spend the rest of his life with and I can't be more exicted to be that person :)


I get this person to add to my life....

I always wanted a daughter... and I have to say... I've definintly got the coolest daughter by far. She has the most unique personality and shucks the "normal" trend everyday... I couldn't ask for anything better in the world.

I know she has a mom... but I still feel extremely lucky because I had resigned myself to NEVER having a daughter... and as the stars have aligned for me... I get to :)

My life is complete now... and I hope, pray, and NEED it to be complete.... :)

Good night everyone :)


Jerry Critter said...

I like, really like, that you call her daughter, not step-daughter. The Critters have a mixed family, but they are all both of our kids -- all are sons and daughters.

Anonymous said...

I am S-O-O-O happy that Y-O-U are happy and that you finally have a daughter. She is a wonderful girl and John is a neat guy. All of you; Zakari, Izeah, Zane, Kayla, and John all fit together. Keep well, live well, and make the best of life as it is!!