Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wedding update... and more.

(The revised and less bitchy version.... sorry about the earlier draft, I think i'm having a lot of PMS!)

So... I'm sure the 5 of you know I got married this weekend...

And I have to tell you...


It's the biggest cluster fuck you will ever have! :)

We worked very hard for a very long time to make our wedding one that people don't want to leave... to make it one that people talk about for awhile... to make it OUR OWN... to have it include everything important to me and John.

I'm still exhausted, almost a week later!!!

But in the end... It was still magical and everything I had hoped for. It was outside influence that made it what it was. It was the day we had dreamed of.... not just me and John, but our wonderful friends who were there from the beginning to help us out. You know who you are... you are our "amazing persons"... if you came over, listened to me, delt with my attitude and still managed to pull thru and make our wedding day everything we dreamed it would be... then I owe you more then words can describe...

Maybe I just finally understood what good friends are there for...

Enjoy the pics :)

Me, John, and his bff.... Brad :)

Me and John at the alter, and MY bff, Rik, our minister. (and I LOVE LOVE LOVE his wife... miss Nina :)... and Sarah... love you just as much :)

My boys... gotta love em :) ALL BOY.

Me and the kids posing for a formal pic... or... trying too :)

Our reception site. 3 million dollar mansion is not a bad thing. And the owners? Totally awesome. Gotta give them props for being the coolest people in all of Davenport, IA.

Us... walking in... if I do say so myself... we are awesome.

Much love,
Peace out.

Dana Linze-Dengler.


ChiTown Girl said...

Aw, sweetie, whatever stress and aggravation you were feeling that day, you managed to hide it. At least in those pictures! ;-) You all look beautiful. Well, YOU look HOT!!! Congratulations, again!

Jerry Critter said...

Congratulations on the wedding. I am glad for the happy parts and sorry about the not-so-happy parts.

I know a Dengler in Anchorage. He doesn't happen to be a relative, does he? He use to be a serious bike rider -- until a bad accident.

yannigirl said...

Dear John and Dana,

On behalf of my sisters Neni, Jojo and my brother Adrian,and wife Debbie, I want to thank you for making their trips from Jersey, Florida and California absolutely wonderful and totally enjoyable! They told me how much fun they had and how beautiful everything was and how delicious the food tasted! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Momma Georgie

Miles To Go Before I Sleep...... said...

Chitown-- you are one of the few who read this before I revised it! lol... and thank you for your congrats! Did you get the pics I sent? :) I saw your man's homecoming pics!!! AWWWW!!! He's growing up!!!

Jerry Critter-- Thank you! :) I'll have to ask John about that one too! Bike rider as in motorcycle or bicycle??

Momma Georgie :)-- You are very welcome! I hoped they had a wonderful time! I was glad we got to go to breakfast too and I got to spend a little time getting to know your family :)

Jerry Critter said... Olympic caliber.

ModernMom said...

Found you through ChiTown Girl and had to comment.
Congrats to you and I love loved all your pics!

Lisa N..... said...

Just wanted to say how honored I was to be invited to the Linze-Dengler day, as it shall be known in my home hence-forth. Dana, you are an amazing person and an inspiration, and I am honored to call you my friend.

I have to tell you how touched I was at all the thought you put into every detail, how the whole thing was so conmpletely you.

However, when I sat at the table and unwrapped the little scroll at my seat, I wasn't prepared for the emotion I would feel 2 minutes later. Though I never met him, Ryan has had such an impact on my life through you. I hug my children more and don't take a moment for granted with those I love. I can't think of a better legacy and it brought me to tears to see him honored as a part of your day with Jon.

So thank you my friend, for teaching me to never take anythig for granted.