Friday, February 19, 2010

I quit.

Heyo! Just a note to let you know I'm in a "I Quit." kinda mood lately.

So I quit this blog.

(I also quit in regards to house cleaning, home repairs, and winter for a little while too... see? "I Quit" mood, I warned ya)

I'm not done blogging but I'm kinda tired of Miles to Go.... I've went Miles. I've expressed all I can through this blog so I'm getting a new one.

I tried Wordpress, Live Journal, Xanga, but due to my limited HTML/blogging capabilities, I stuck with blogger and started a fresh blog:

SO if I still have any readers.... please come by and say hi on my new blog :) Yes, it is similar in nature but I hope it'll encourage me to blog more :)

Peace out,


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