Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yes Zane, I'll Be Your Valentine

I don't hold too many holidays in very high regards. Today is one that's probably close to the bottom of the list. And over all, being as this weekend is supposed to be a "happy" weekend due to Valentine's Day for much of our Western society, just a note that my weekend hasn't been all that great.
No, I'm not being grouchy or mean, just honest.
On a lighter note, there have been some awesome highlights to my weekend and they have definitely beat out the bad....
1. Izeah made me a beautiful card at school. And it is finally a card that doesn't have tears drawn on the faces of the people because they're sad about daddy dying. It was a card that only talked about love. He even called John "Dad" on the card :)
2. My mom came into town and let John and I go have a quiet dinner.
3. Zane sang me a song:
"Will you be my Valentine? Will you be my Valentine? Will you be my Valentine? And love me everyday...."
Yes Zane. I will. :)

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