Monday, February 1, 2010

The Other Side of Sadness

I am so excited. I must be nuts to get this excited over a book but really, I am!!

After Ryan died, I felt so alone. Not alone so much in terms that most think of but alone in the matter that nothing I read, talked about, or discovered, shed light or made me feel like someone else had feelings like I did. I bought and read probably 20 books on grief, not to mention online reading and discussing with friends but nothing seemed to make me feel better. Nothing could help me understand how I was able to move forward WITHOUT grief causing me to run to a shrink for drugs or intensive psychotherapy. SHouldn't this grief have crippled me? Did I move on and heal to fast?

I've been told how strong I am, how brave I was, how determined I must be.


Or.... I just lived.

So as I'm walking through the library today, looking at potential book interests, I stumbled across this book:

Holy Mother Trucker. I read the cover and I was hooked.

I am very excited to read about this author's research on grief and mourning.

I'm a speed reader so I figured if I wrote a little blog about the book first, then maybe I would be able to slow down and absorb reading this book with out having to read it twice.

But I think it just made me want to read faster...

You can bet I'll be doing a full write up of this book!

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Anonymous said...

This was a very enlightening and reassuring read for me as well.