Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Alligator Alley.....

Sorry I haven't been on here lately and this post will be short but I am in Florida! John and I left earlier then we intended.... We had to drive out monday night instead of tuesday because there was a beautiful and redundant winter storm heading towards our driving path!!! We veered more east and I can now say I have driven through the state of Indiana. We had to stop though before Kentucky border and call it a night because driving in the rain, at night, where neither of us have ever been is a bit hazardous! So we slept a few hours and then drove the last four states in one long haul!!!

Kentucky-- was very religious!

Tennessee-- was absolutely beautiful! All the rock inclines and trees.... oh my God is it amazing! And the elevation pattern was definintly ear popping!

Georgia-- Atlanta rush hour is just like Chicago :( The rest was dark...

Florida-- DARK (and scary in the dark if I may say)

SO two days later.... I am finally able to get to a computer and now I won't be back on til sunday night or monday morning!

Watch out alligators.... Here we come..... camping in the Everglades! Bug Cypress Indian Reservation :-)

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3 moons and the sea said...

yay! have fun, cant wait to see the pics!