Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Composting.... FINALLY!!!

Hey all!

Easter Weekend was a LONG weekend! (VERY long!) However we got a lot of stuff accomplished too!

John has recently discovered his handy man side.... and I have to tell you... it's pretty sexy ;-) BUT he promised me a compost bin last fall and finally we got it all figured out this spring!

So he spent time at work researching this little diddy and lo and behold... his homemade compost tumbler!

It's almost gardening time!!!!! Yippeeeee!!!! :-)


Nina said...

wow...this looks great! hmm...john didn't get me anything for my birthday, did he?

I'm just sayin'......


ButterflysDance said...
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Antlanta said...

I SOOOOOOO want this - we tried making one & it failed miserably & i am not willing to pay big bucks for something half-assed. I am so envious - way to go John!